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17 Mar 2015

Best Friend Quiz

I was sat here at my laptop wondering what post to do and then suddenly it hit me...why not do a quiz where Holly, Lucy and Eleanor work together to answer the following questions about me. Do my best friends actually know me? Let's hope it's not shock horror once I've marked their answers... to be honest some of these are pretty hard!

Whatever Holly, Lucy and Eleanor decide on together as an answer will be written in red.
I will mark the answers in green and write either correct or incorrect .

1)  How many times have I moved house?
6....    Correct!
I've moved house a lot of times.......that's also why I've been to three primary schools, thank goodness I've not had to move secondary schools!

2)  What town was I born in?
Edinburgh   Incorrect, it was actually Grangemouth
Grangemouth isn't the most well known place in Scotland so I'll let them off but yes I was born in Scotland but didn't really stay there very long before moving to England!

3) What year/grade were we in when I moved to your school?
Year 5/4th grade    Correct
I moved to their primary school when I was in year 5 and I still remember standing there; never would have guessed that these three would have been my best friends!

4) In my second primary school I entered the school talent show with 2 of my friends, what song did we dance to?
Fight for this love by Cheryl Cole    Correct
I have an explanation for this...we were in year 4 so...well I wasn't the only one!

5)  Where is my favourite place to shop?
Topshop    Correct
Despite their ridiculous prices for a high street store, Topshop is definitely my favourite place to shop. They have the most amazing jeans and when winter and fall/autumn comes around... I am in that store pretty much 24/7!

6)  What was my dream job in year 6?
Fashion Designer  Correct
I still love designing clothes and sewing however I would want to do it as a hobby, never as a job.

7)  What is the name of the hairstyle(has to be the name I actually called it) I would do on Lucy that she hated in primary school?
Cutie girl hairstyle    Correct
We were in primary school...glad I cleared that up. Basically I would do a really messy but cute high side ponytail on her.

9)  What did I describe Lucy as in primary school when she looked really cute?
A mouse    Incorrect, it was actually a hamster
They were so close on this one, they actually mentioned  a hamster but put down mouse as their final answer. She just looked so adorable with her little rosy cheeks!

10)  Who has been to Africa recently and is home schooled that Eleanor hates?
Maddy   Correct
Maddy was my Yr 7 invisible friend who Eleanor has something against as she believes she isn't real which she obviously is. She's tried various methods to get rid of her but Maddy's just invincible and she will never get her!

11)  What is the one song I used to be absolutely obsessed with but I now can't stand?
Candy by Robbie Williams   Correct
I don't even want to talk about this one I hate it so much and Lucy experienced the same thing as me so I'll just leave this to Lucy to explain so I'm going to let her write her thoughts in blue here... I thought we agreed to never speak of this again...

12)  When I first met Holly in primary school what game was she and Lucy playing together?
Pirates of the Caribbean, sword fighting game   Correct
I went up to them when they were playing this game and said hi and asked if I could join in. To be honest at the time I was just joining in but in my head I was like what on earth are they doing... little did I know they were soon to be two of my best friends along with Eleanor. HEY Don't judge :(

13)  What was one of my favourite things to do in  year 6 that I could only do when it was our turn to go on the climbing frame?
The hammock   Correct
It's actually a lot more fun than it sounds and I would do anything to be able to do that one more time! You basically just swing from the climbing frame by your coat pockets... I really don't know how to explain it!!

So altogether they got.......11/13 which is pretty good considering that some of these questions were pretty hard!
Have you ever moved house/schools?


  1. Haha this is so cute! This post idea is so unique, very proud! Love how you made the text different colors to make it look like a game. / creative + lifestyle blog

    1. Thanks! I was aiming for it to give the impression of a game so i'm glad to know that worked!

  2. This is such a good idea for a post, and it looks like your best friends know you so well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, and i'm so happy to have those 3 as my best friends! Without them I would be a completely different person!

  3. This is super cute!
    Sarah-Jane xo //

  4. Your friends know you so well! Those were so pretty hard questions too :) x x

    1. I know right, i don't know what i would do without those 3! xXx

  5. Hey babe, how are you?
    Lovely post though, adding you to my favorites..
    I've only just started blogging.
    Visit me whenever you have time at !
    Anyway have a good day!

    Kisses xXx

    1. Thank you, i'll definitely check your blog out!


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