12 Mar 2015

Rainbow Hair!

This week we got an offer from the amazing Critsina Nika Kask to write our first guest post on dying your hair! Check her out on twitter here. Let us know in the comments if you like it and you're interested in seeing more guest posts in the future!
Rainbow hair – yes or no?
We are always looking for new ways to improve our looks, and we often turn to our hair for inspiration. There are so many girls out there who would like to experiment with different hairstyles and hair colours, but are too afraid to try even if they would desperately want to do it. Luckily, times have changed and because of the way our culture is more open and tolerant than ever, we get to see many celebrities and ‘ordinary’ people doing something drastic with their hair.

How can you do it?
First of all, you should find a quality colours for your hair and make sure that you have one bowl for each colour. It is also great to have someone to help you dye it, since it will be difficult to do it by yourself. Make sure you have your old tee on and an old towel over your shoulders and on the floor to protect your clothes and other surfaces from being destroyed by the colour, and don’t forget to wear protective gloves. Before you apply the colour, you might need to bleach your hair to blond or light platinum in order for the new colour to show better. Divide your hair into smaller ponytails if you are going to have more than one colour, or simply apply the one you have chosen before.
Why you should do it

It will definitely look amazing and oh-so-stylish, and you will catch yourself staring at your own hair in a mirror with fascination and loving it. Your outfit will look even better if you have a bright hair to match it and spice it up. Wearing all black or different simple shades of any colour will not look half as dull as it did before, and you will be super easy to find at a concert or in a large groups of people. You will be more confident and start paying attention to your hair much more than you did before.

What you should be careful about
Bleaching your hair will inevitably damage it, so you should do it less frequently, and maintenance is really hard work. You will have to find a good and quality Moroccanoil shampoo in order to keep the colour as fresh and as bright as possible. Sometimes you will not have time to treat your hair with all sorts of products, but you should try making the best of it.
Who else wears it?

Celebrities have gone wild with different hair colours so you have Nicole Richie, Lady Gaga and Lena Dunham changing the colour of their hair in a blink of an eye. But my favourite is definitely Katy Perry with her fresh purple hair she rocked at Grammy Awards.

As you can see, there are two sides of every story and it would not be wise of us to tell you what choice you should make. It’s all up to you whether you are willing to try dyeing your hair a bright, unexpected colour or not. 
Think about it and make a decision based solely on how you feel, not what anyone else tells you.


  1. I love the rainbow hair look! It's so pretty and different too! x

    1. It's definitely a statement!! It looks pretty cool though xoxo

  2. Hi HALE guys! Just wanted to thank you again for having me on your blog. Keep up with the good work. Happy blogging! Nika xoxo

    1. We loved having you on our blog! Your post has been a great success.

  3. I should do this!! :O

    1. Haha, bring your wild side out!


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