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13 Oct 2015

The A-Z of me

Whilst reading Chapters of Kat, I came across an amazing post idea that I managed to grab for our blog (I, of course, asked first). This is my A-Z of me tag!

Aleeha name...
I've finally become a part of the wonderful blogging community and I have no intentions on leaving it anytime soon!

Yes, I am part of the crazy candle obsessed group. You might ask why... well, it's pretty self explanatory. They smell amazing and look super cute, what else do you need?

I pretty much love all the Disney films and I definitely love Tangled! Speaking of Tangled how amazing is this drawing that Holly did for my birthday card?!!! Still convincing her to let us post more of her art work...

Best invention in the world for myself and for others (I listen to music so much that if I played it out loud all the time I'm pretty sure everyone around me would get annoyed)
Just a little bit obsessed! Seriously though they are like the comfiest things in the world and you can call it fashion... my life is complete!
Gabriella Lindley
Camera in the cupboard vlogs are the best, Gabby's fans will know what I mean!
No twitter, no blogging, no Instagram... NO YOUTUBE!! Basically, I need the Internet otherwise I won't know what to do with my life.
If you say jinx at the same time as me then I will not stop saying it until I've won. Yup, I'm even competitive in 'jinxing'.
No, I don't have a pet kitten, but I would like one and you can go ask my mum why I don't already have one (though I don't know how you would do that).
Disgusting. Horrible. Revolting. Next letter please!
Currently listening to Real Life by The Weekend whilst writing this post. It's a pretty good song!
New York
This is at the top of my 'places to travel bucket list' and I've already told myself at the age of 15 that I will go there at least once in my lifetime somehow!
Oreo Milkshake
Heaven in a drink... does that even make sense? Basically, it tastes soooo good and you need to go try one!
That's right, potatoes. Jacket potato, Mash potato, chips... all the potatoes... all the carbs!
When I was younger, I made a birthday card for the queen and on the envelope I literally just wrote 'To the Queen, Buckingham Palace'. Surprisingly she actually got it and I even got a letter back!
Although I don't read loads and loads, when I do and find a book I love, I find it so relaxing. There's so many books that I really want to read, but I just can't find the time!

Strawberry Fanta
No words... Well, apart from the fact that they need to sell this in the UK! I know, don't judge - us Brits miss out on all the good stuff!
The Weeknd
The latest album is just wow! If you haven't already listened to it yet then you need to!
We don't have this store in the UK, but we should because I'm way too jealous of all you American folks out there. I could pretend Boots is better, but err, I mean it's pretty obvious it's not!
Hot vimto is the best! I mean cold vimto is amazing but hot vimto is a whole other story!
I don't drink enough of it. I should drink more of it. I will try to drink more of it... WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO DO?!
Christmas has to be one of the best times of the year and I will literally get excited for it in August if I have to!
This seems to be a common theme throughout all of my posts! It also seems to make a nice transition onto the next letter...
If you haven't already heard of Zoe then you have been living under a rock... or maybe you've just not discovered the amazing world of fashion and beauty on YouTube. If you're a regular follower then you probably already know my obsession with Zoe's videos and just her in general so I won't bore you any further...

Do you prefer Netflix or YouTube?
What other posts would you like to see?



  1. What a lovely post! I really loved reading this! I'm the same with Christmas, I'm so excited now!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

    1. We've already sorted secret santa out! It's not even been Halloween yet....

  2. I drank many different flavoured fanta but I haven't drunk strawberry fanta! I need to check it! It was a lovely post to read! x

    1. :-o Strawberry fanta makes all the other flavours seem rubbish!

  3. Loved this post!! And i'm the same..i'm terrible at drinking water! I only get my liquids through other drinks (like teas, coffees etc) it's terrible. And I I think! Although I do love Netflix I find youtube so damn addictive, time flies when i'm on it.

    1. I know right I'm the same... i really do need to drink more water though! YES, YOUTUBE ALL THE WAY!

  4. What a cute post, loved to read all the stuff about you. I don't think it's hard to drink water, but for me it would be hard to drink strawberry I am crazy about scented candles too, esp Yankee candle, love them.

    1. Awh thanks! Nope, complete opposite, I wish I could just have strawberry fanta instead of water! The candle obsession gets even worse in autumn and winter!

  5. Good job with coming up all the way, I would have some serious trouble trying to finish the whole list. I don't watch Zoella but I think her channel is focus on the younger crowds too.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I was really struggling with a few of the letters! Zoe's viewers are mainly teenagers to be honest... and I'm one of them!

  6. Cute post idea! You are such a sweet person♥♥

  7. I love your blog! have a nice weekend:)

    1. Thanks, I hope you have a great weekend too!

  8. Im happy to know more about you.

    I love The Weekend too

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

    1. I love Real Life by The Weekend at the moment!
      Aleeha xXx


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