30 Apr 2015

Internet Hacks

There are things in the online world that are crazy, weird, beautiful and creative. But what about the things you didn't know you could do?

28 Apr 2015

Motivation for working out

First of all, don't be ashamed of doing this because a lot of us have probably done this several times and I'll just be straight up and admit I have too. A couple of weeks ago you decided to work out everyday and until today it's been fine... but today you can't be bothered so decide to go on your laptop all day. Well maybe some of these tips can help you stay motivated and help you carry on working out because we all know that sometimes missing out one day can lead to missing out even more!

23 Apr 2015

Diving and Sphereing Experience!

As it was the Easter holidays last week, I decided to cash in two of my Christmas presents and we went on a sea trek and harness sphering! Without question, my camera came with me so I could share the experience with you guys. Maybe I can convince some of you to try these out too!

21 Apr 2015

7 Beauty Hacks

I don't know about you but I love reading life hacks so I thought I would put together some beauty related ones for this post. I hope you enjoy reading them and be sure to let us know down below if you've tried any of them before!

14 Apr 2015

Make your own lip scrub

Why spend £5 on a lip scrub from LUSH when you can make one yourself? I came across a super easy method for making your own lip scrub whilst I was browsing the internet so what better thing to do than to share it with you guys!

8 Apr 2015


I bought a new pair of sunglasses.
Don't ask the price.
It was going to happen.
My excuse is summer is coming.
It's okay though... no one can have enough pairs of sunglasses!

7 Apr 2015

This or that? - Random

I thought I would answer some completely random this or that questions since you seemed to like the previous fashion and beauty version which you can read here. Believe me when I say this is totally random. This post goes from black or white to Frozen or Tangled... how much more random can it get?

3 Apr 2015

World book day token design

Holly won 1st prize at school for her World Book Day token design so obviously we were going to share with you, her winning design! She's finally agreed to let us post her amazing artwork and I hope all of you love her design as much as we do.

2 Apr 2015

World in Photos

Ever since I've started blogging, my outlook on the world has changed for the better. Instead of looking out my window and seeing my street, I see a million photo opportunities and angles that could make it look at its best. This week I decided to take my camera with me wherever I go and take a picture of anything that inspires me so I can share my view of 'the world in photos' with you guys!