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22 Nov 2016

Fall Favourites Tag

The lovely Andrea Tiffany from the blog 'A Glimpse of Glam' tagged us to do the fall favourites tag and so of course we had to do it as soon as possible! I absolutely love Andrea's blog and she does some really great fashion and style posts that I'm sure you would love too. Also, I have a lot of exams coming up so if I don't sound as 'bubbly' in my posts over the next few weeks, it's just because I'm VERY stressed... sorry about that! Let's not let exams ruin this post though, onto my fall/autumn favourites!

I absolutely love winged eyeliner in autumn, I'm not sure why... I think I just prefer how it looks with autumnal outfits! I also really like a classic gold eye shadow look, but I think it also looks really nice if you add a little bit of a deeper burgundy or khaki shade in the outer corner.

Unfortunately, I live in the UK and there is not a single Bath and Body Works store here so I have no idea what a 'pumpkin pecan waffle' candle smells like, but I can tell you now, that would for sure be a favourite if I did have it! I think in general, I quite like the more musky vanilla scented candles that aren't too sickly and are a little bit 'spicy'. I have a candle called Warm Welcome from Lily Flame which smells EXACTLY like that.

I have no idea whether I'm meant to say my favourite perfume or my favourite 'autumnal scent' just in general... I don't really have a favourite fall perfume so I'll just go with the latter option. This is so random and I'm not sure if anyone will get what I mean, but I love the smell of a cosy house. When the radiators are warm and the fire is on, there's just this certain smell that I don't know how to describe, but I love it. Let me know if you know what I mean... you probably don't, but hey, at least I know what I mean!

I'm not a fan of nailpolish. Yeah I know, try and persuade me all you like, but I don't like it. End of. I just cringe at the thought of me wearing it, it's something I've hated ever since I was little. I guess I should probably give a better answer to this question though, so I'll just say my favourite nailpolish on other people. I'm loving the grey nailpolish trend at the moment, I think it's so chic, but still edgy!

I'm not one to really wear lip products in the colder months, my lips just get way to dry. I do quite like more 'balmy' products like the Rimmel colour rush balms. I also really want to try the Revlon ones. In terms of colour, nude is always classic, pretty and chic... call me un-festive and boring, but you've got to admit, you can't wrong with a classic nude shade!

I've never really been one to dress up, but I actually did this year so I guess this must be my favourite outfit! I dressed up as a 'crazy' twin and was matching with my best friend. We both had our hair in bunches with little coloured braids clipped in as well a very random outfit and makeup look.

Chokers, chokers and more chokers! Need I say more? Chokers are all the rage in the world of fashion at the moment and I am definitely all for this trend!

Hot chocolate has got to be my favourite drink and I seem to crave it even more in autumn and winter. If you haven't tried Costa's hot chocolate yet, then you seriously need to! I am that person though who hates marshmallows so skips that and just goes for the plain old whipped cream for a topping. Oh, and Costa's orange hot chocolate is absolutely incredible!

*awkwardly sat here not knowing what to type because I'm currently watching no TV shows... please don't hate me.*

Autumn is the perfect time to cosy up on the sofa and watch a film with your family... and also the perfect time to watch horror movies! I'm therefore going to have to answer this question with Insidious because it's a horror movie that my 9 year old sister will actually happily watch.
Since I know most people will now be moving on from the fall and autumn related posts, I'm just going to tag anyone who reads this post and wants to do the tag. Be sure to let me know if you do it!

Have you tried Costa's orange hot chocolate?
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