28 Jun 2016

Top 5 apps

I felt like doing something a little different this week, so I've decided to let you in on my top 5 apps at the moment! I was going to originally mention the game 'best fiends' in here, but I mean I'm sure you're all sick of the ads on YouTube!

21 Jun 2016

Weekly finds

I've seen a lot of 'weekly finds' floating around the internet recently so I've decided to give it a shot myself. I've found some pretty cool things on the internet in the past week or so if I do say so myself! Be sure to watch any videos or click on any links mentioned.

14 Jun 2016

My Travel Bucket List

Recently I've been thinking a lot about travelling and the places I want to visit when I'm older. It was super hard to narrow down the list, but my top 10 places are mentioned in this post!

7 Jun 2016

DIY Pinterest jars

Recently I've seen loads of cute mason jars on social media, so I decided to try and make something that looks pretty similar to them at home! The DIY worked really well and it was super duper easy, so obviously I'm going to share it with you guys!