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7 Mar 2017

My Favourite YouTubers Under 500k

If you know me, you'll know that I am a massive fan of YouTube. Most people watch TV shows, but nope, I watch YouTube videos instead! For this week's post, I've decided to tell you about 5 YouTubers who have done REALLY well, and I think deserve a million subscribers. Comment down below if you watch any of these YouTubers' videos!

I have probably watched almost every single video on Amelia's channel, and that's because whilst being incredibly fashionable and amazing when it comes to makeup, she is still super chatty and not too serious. She's just an all round chatty, lovely person whose videos you should all check out. She posts everything from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and travel vlogs.

I discovered Eve's channel 1 to 2 years ago, and to be honest, I used to like her videos, but I didn't LOVE them. I am probably one of her biggest fans now though... I hate the word 'fan', but you know what I mean. She's relatable, realistic and you see the real her in a videos which for me are some of the most important qualities in a YouTuber. Eve also has a revision channel, which I'd highly recommend if you are doing your GCSEs or A-levels... she got all A*s in her GCSEs so she must be doing something right!

If you're looking for a YouTuber with a bubbly personality, who will post a video about absolutely anything she wants, regardless of how popular it will be, Hannah's channel is the one for you. Every time I watch her videos, I'm left feeling much more upbeat and happy! Hannah really reminds me of Zoe (aka Zoella). Not because she's a copy though, because she's completely different. Just because like Zoe, she has the same bubbly personality... but just a Fabulous Hannah version!

Most fitness channels on YouTube don't interest me in the slightest. I'm sure there are some great fitness channels out there, but most of them just aren't for me. HOWEVER, Lucy's channel is definitely an exception. She posts lots of short workout videos daily that are incredibly effective. It's literally like having a personal trainer. Another reason why I love her videos, is because although her workouts definitely help to tone you up and lose body fat, her workouts are specifically designed to keep your feminine figure and avoid 'bulking up'.

Beauty Spectrum aka Molly is literally just like an online friend. When I watch her videos, it feels like she is having a one to one conversation with me. She's just one of those YouTubers who you can tell loves vlogging... and it really comes across in her videos! I actually discovered her channel through Hannah's videos! I love her weekly vlogs whilst she is at sixth form, because they are so relatable.

What YouTubers with under 500k subscribers do you recommend?

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