17 February 2015

Top 5 places I have to go visit... someday...

 So for this week's post I thought I would share with you my top 5 places that I want to go and visit. I don't know if I will ever see all of them but I hope so! Also these are all places that I haven't seen yet, so most of them will probably be outside of the UK as most of the major things in the UK I have already seen. I've listed them in a random order because I'm really not sure which one would come first or second or third or... Anyway without further ado onto my top 5 places I have to go and see....

New York
I think some of you probably already guessed that New York was definitely going to be on here somewhere because I really want to go there. There's just so much to do and lots of sight-seeing and places to shop. I really want to go to 5th Avenue, Central Park, Time Square, Rockefeller Centre, see the empire state building and the statue of liberty... there's just so much, I could literally go on forever

Still in America but I don't know why but I feel like it will be very different to New York. I want to go and see the Universal Studios Hollywood, the golden gate bridge, Hollywood walk of fame, Santa Monica pier, the Hollywood sign and most of all the beaches. The reason I want to go to go to California is to go to the beaches and just relax, shop and have fun. Even though I do want to do a bit of sight-seeing I feel as if I mainly want to do that in New York. I just want to look at the sunsets and stroll down the beach in California... the picture I have of California in my head is probably completely different to the real version but oh well!

I've just always wanted to go to Australia, I think part of the reason why is that it's on the other side of the world to where I am which really excites me. I think it's pretty cool how when I'm asleep (or supposed to be asleep but am on my phone...) it's daytime over there. I don't really know what I want to see in Sydney because I don't know much about it but I just want to go there!

Canada is pretty different to the first three places I've mentioned and if I get the chance to go I would want to go in winter because Canada reminds me of snow and if I go there and it's boiling hot then... to me it won't really feel like the Canada I imagine. As I have an aunty who lives in Canada, I would love to get to see her too. Eleanor would like to add this part on and say that she's been to Canada in summer and it was amazing.

From the pictures I've seen online, the Maldives look absolutely gorgeous and I'm jealous of anyone who get's to wake up to such a beautiful view everyday unlike me who wakes up and looks out of the window to see rain... (you all know how us Brits love to complain about the weather... well some people might not but I am definitely proof that it is true for some people). In general though it would be amazing to go visit the Maldives because of how different it is. How many times have I mentioned different in this post? I'm like Amelia Liana (if you watch her videos on youtube you'll get what I mean!).

What's some of your top 5 places that you want to go and visit?
Tell me down below, I would love to know!