13 April 2018

We are all constantly aiming to be the most productive and successful versions of ourselves. I've compiled a little list of some of the general habits of successful people that we could all do with following! Since exams are oh so dreadfully near for some of us, I thought these tips might help some of you students out too!

6 April 2018

Introductions for Q&As are always so hard, but I guess I need to get better at them if this is going to be a regular thing! Nevertheless, as usual, thank you to the bloggers whose questions have been featured in this post. They all have such lovely blogs, so go and show their posts some love!

28 March 2018

One of the main ways we express ourselves nowadays is through the way we dress. Our clothes and style can tell a lot about our personality, however, finding and defining our signature style isn't always as easy as we assume. Do you have an idea of what your personal style is? How is it changing as you grow as a person?