27 August 2019

Can you believe it has been over a year since I last published a favourites post?! After pondering on the different ways I could recap the past year (and a bit...), I've come up with a little something: Instagram featured favourites. I may have been absent on my blog, but these are the favourites that were loved enough to be featured on the gram!

16 July 2019

Booking a trip away with your best friends on finishing A-levels: what better way to put an end to a stressful exam period? With Edinburgh being fairly affordable and not too close to home but also not too far from home, it felt like the perfect destination for our little trip. After an incredible four days away with my besties, it would only be right for me to share the highlights of the city with you!

22 June 2019

Alas, I have well and truly neglected this blog over the past few months thanks to A-levels. I'm finally I'm back though and boy do I have an update. Exam season was... chaotic? Or perhaps I'm exaggerating? I've learnt a lot though and I know that if the right person reads this, I could stop them in their tracks before they make the same mistakes I did.