14 June 2018

With Father's Day well and truly on its way, I felt it was only right to publish a 'gift guide for him'. There are all sorts of 'fancy' gift guides out there, but for those of you who like me, are not so organised and frantically rush the weekend before a gift is due; this post is for you.

8 June 2018

Sneakers? Trainers? Call them whatever you wish: the point is I LOVE them. Some may say a whole post about sneakers is slightly excessive, but I disagree and would like to share some of my favourite pairs from the latest trends being stocked on ASOS.

12 May 2018

A lot of millennials dream of a life much different from a standard office nine-to-five. Most of them want to live life on their own terms, in a surrounding where they are the ones in charge. A big part of them also don't want to stay in one place; the world is massive and they intend to see it all! But as tempting as travelling the world sounds, you still need a way to support yourself. Don't worry, here are some ways you can make money online and on the go.