12 May 2018

A lot of millennials dream of a life much different from a standard office nine-to-five. Most of them want to live life on their own terms, in a surrounding where they are the ones in charge. A big part of them also don't want to stay in one place; the world is massive and they intend to see it all! But as tempting as travelling the world sounds, you still need a way to support yourself. Don't worry, here are some ways you can make money online and on the go.

4 May 2018

Happy May!! 2018 is flying by and I'm far from keeping up with it... this is my first favourites post of the year. Quoting 2016 me, 'I always seem to forget to write these posts, but I've been doing pretty well recently'. I take that back. Nevertheless, I have one for you now so here are some of my recent favourites!

27 April 2018

In the mind of the modern person, coffee is the perfect fuel that keeps the wheels turning on the rocky roads of 'mundane-ness'. Coffee culture has thus become incredibly developed, which can be seen in the ever-growing number of excellent coffee places and shops round the globe.