5 January 2019

As I am writing this post, it is the 1st of January 2019... just let that sink in. WHERE has the time gone?! 2019 is going to be a really big year for me, and quite frankly, I already want to go back to the comforts of 2018. But since I can't do that, instead I'm going to actually try and stick to my resolutions this year. Realistically, I can't follow them all perfectly straight away, but by the end of the year I hope to be following them all!

9 December 2018

Season's greetings//long time, no see!!! Unfortunately, A-levels and my uni application are slowly taking over my life, but of course, I had to make sure I got at least one Christmas post up. I've come across some incredible brands over the past month and just had to share them with you to help you out with your Christmas shopping!

12 October 2018

When Living DNA reached out to me with a collaboration proposal involving an opportunity to learn about my ancestry, I was over the moon! This has got to be one of my most exciting collaborations to date. It has now been a few months since I sent off my DNA sample and my long-awaited test results have finally arrived and yes... there are definitely some unexpected surprises!