3 March 2015

How to feel happier

I know these tips might not be much help to some of you but I do know that some people are suffering from things that make them feel down in some way whether that's from depression to bullying. Sometimes just taking the time to make yourself feel better is all you need to cheer you up. That said, I still feel like these tips would be a good way to put yourself in a better mood and be more productive because we all have bad days... just admit it!

  • Get more sleep... yeah I know everyone says that don't they, well it's true! Not having enough sleep can seriously make you feel down... Do your best to prevent bad days and don't stay on your phone all night!

  • Be optimistic! If you look at the bright side of things you'll know there is more to enjoy and you'll enjoy yourself more. What's the point of looking at a half empty glass when you can look at a half full glass?

  • Don't look back on wrong decisions, just learn from them, push them aside and move on. Although that can be really hard sometimes, you may as well give it a go because anything feels better than sitting down and feeling bad about the things you can't change.

  • Learn to love yourself. Know that no matter what you wear you will always look beautiful. No matter what you do you will always be amazing. That's what people love you for.

  • Eat a balanced diet. All those fatty sugary foods are only going to make you feel even more down. Why not try eating something healthy when your craving chocolate? There's loads of delicious healthy recipes all over the internet and I'm sure you'll find one you love.

  • Be more active. Scientists have proven that people who are more active are generally happier. In fact I've noticed a difference in myself when I'm more active. Why not start thinking about doing a regular workout routine or go for a run once a week?
  • Do what makes you happy! Find time to do the things you enjoy because that's where you will find the most happiness. In fact why not share what makes you happy with friends and family, you never know, they might enjoy the same things and then you can plan to do things together.

  • Smile! Just smile whenever you can, you'll feel better and so will others around you. Just smile now........you haven't got anything to lose!

    These are just some of the main simple tips but alongside this lots of people do other things like for example every night before bed I have a diary in which I write 5 things that I'm grateful for that happened that day. It's just a really nice way for me to reflect back on the day and realise that even if it wasn't the best day there were still so many things for me to be grateful about. It clears my mind so I can go to sleep much easier and makes me feel better!
How do you like to stay happy?
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