22 March 2015

Top 5 most used makeup products

Myself and Holly Ryan decided to collaborate and write a guest post for each other. Carry on reading  to find out what Holly's top 5 most used makeup products are! Make sure to head on over to The chronicles of Holly afterwards!
A big thanks to Holly for writing this guest post for our blog and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Top 5 most used make-up products

Choosing my five most used make-up products was kind of like natural selection. In all honesty – it was kind of hard! Which sounds absolutely ridiculous because prior to writing this I was doing a pathophysiology quiz for uni... which may make choosing my most used products look like a piece of cake but noooo. I really don’t stick with just one make-up look but the products I chose are the ones I go back to time and time again.

1. Priori Mineral Foundation
This was a product I was pleasantly surprised with. I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed for a longggg time and whenever I’d go get them done there would always be the beautician pushing this ‘priori’ at me. She had the routine down packed. While waxing my eyebrows she’d start to ask me what foundation I use and after would ramble on and on about how bad my foundation was. I would internally roll my eyes and keep saying ‘oh yes..I am aware it can be quite bad for me.. ‘ hoping she would get her spiel over and done with. Next she would talk about how mineral make-up is so much better for the skin..and then she would say “have you heard of priori?”. YES, YES I HAVE. I COME TO YOU EVERY MONTH. OF COURSE I HAVE. I’m not that rude so I’d politely say I have heard quite a bit about it. After that I would zone out while she would go on and on about how amazing it is. I’ve worked in retail and I know when someone is trying to push a product because it’s a part of their target. When it came time to pay she would add in “oh and did you want to grab the priori too?” and I’d politely shake my head. It was like a $70 product and I was only coming in to get my eyebrows waxed.
One day my mother got a parcel from strawberrynet and in it was the priori. She had found it online for A LOT cheaper and thought it was worth the try. At first I rarely used it and then suddenly I realized how amazing it was. I’ve been using priori for about 2 years now and I absolutely love it. It can be applied light or can be buildable to become a full coverage foundation. I’ve never been a powder girl but this changed my mind on powder. This is perfect for hot climates because it lasts all day and doesn’t melt off like liquid foundations. Would 100% recommend this as it’s great for the skin and is a summer essential.

2. Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer
This has appeared in many of my favourites for obvious reasons. It’s just an amazing concealer and has a great coverage. The concealer in the picture is actually an unused tube because my other tubes have been used SO MUCH that the writing has all faded off. This does wonders for under the eyes. I use this every day without a doubt.

3. Make-up Academy – 12 Shade Heaven and Earth Palette
When it comes to eyeshadow I opt for the basics – brown, bronzes, greys etc. This palette has all the right shades for me. I find these are really well pigmented and have basically zero fall out. I just love them because they’re really easy to apply and look great. Definitely worth the pick up as they’re super cheap and have a great selection of colours.

4. Maybelline – The Falsies (flared)
I really need to shut up about the falsies..but I just cant. I’ve already gone through many tubes of this. I wear this mascara everyday. I find it thickens, lengthens and curls my lashes. My eyelashes suck as they don’t have a natural curl but this mascara gives a great curl. It is also fabulous because it’s so much cheaper than high end mascaras. I’ve used quite a lot of high end mascaras (YSL, Lancome, Clinique, Benefit) and I find this mascara is easily better.

5. M.A.C – Brave lipstick
This is quite a recent edition to the family (as in my other lipsticks fyi haha) and it’s amazing. I’ve never had that one lipstick I’ve always gone back to but this has become it. Whenever I need to finish off my make-up I just apply this. It’s the ideal “your lips but better shade” and would suit basically anyone. Will be more than happy to fork out lots of money to keep up my addiction with this shade – don’t know what I’d do without it now.

SO, those are my most used products and of course I’d recommend them all! Today I baked some delicious chocolate cookies with chunks of white chocolate in them and they’re so amazing and I wish I could give everybody one. Anyway hope you’re all having a lovely day!

Holly x