7 April 2015

This or that? - Random

I thought I would answer some completely random this or that questions since you seemed to like the previous fashion and beauty version which you can read here. Believe me when I say this is totally random. This post goes from black or white to Frozen or Tangled... how much more random can it get?

Rain or shine?
Shine - I'm sick of it raining all the time in the UK.
Chocolate or vanilla?
Vanilla - I love chocolate, but... I'm the vanilla kind of girl!
Black or white?
Both - I could NEVER choose one... I love them both.

Ice cream or sorbet?
Ice cream - I've never had a sorbet so...
Cats or dogs?
Cats - Personally, I LOVE cats and I would do anything to have a pet kitten!

High heels or flats?
Flats - High heels are pretty, but you can never beat a good pair of comfy flats!
Comedy or horror?
Horror - I LOVE horror films... I'm always REALLY scared, but that's what I love about watching them? That adrenaline though!
Laptop or desktop?
Laptop - I would never be able to live without my laptop. I have nothing more to add, it's that obvious!
Pop or rock?
Pop - I don't really like pop either, but I prefer it to rock.
Reading or writing?
Reading - I love getting stuck into a good book!

Gold or silver?
Gold - Right now I would say gold because I LOVE rose gold, but then again in 2 months time I'll probably be crazy over silver!
Frozen or Tangled?
Tangled - Yes, I know your shocked... I love both, but... Tangled is the best! Does anyone else agree or is it just me?!
I also know a certain someone out there who is thinking Frozen all the way...you know who you are!

What are some of your answers to these questions?