26 May 2015

10 simple life hacks

Sometimes, you only need to know one little trick to turn a 10 minute job into a 5 minute one. We all know though that there are just some life hacks that take 'too much effort'. Here's some simple life hacks to make life easier...

Always struggling to find your bag at the airport?
Tie  a piece of coloured fabric on the handle.
Now you can find your bag without any hassle.

Written something in pen that you don't want to be legible?
Write random words on top of the word as well as scribbling it out.
No one will ever know you wrote that.

Struggling to make perfect pancakes without creating a mess?
Put your pancake mix in an empty ketchup bottle.
You can make perfectly round pancakes now too.

Can't find the right key?
Paint the top of your keys with nail polish so you can find the right one easily.
It makes them look prettier too!

Sleeping through your alarm?
Put your phone in a glass to make your alarm sound louder!
Too spicy?
Drink a glass of milk.
Need your phone to charge faster?
Put it on airplane mode.

Itchy throat?
Scratch the back of your ear... it works sometimes.

Is everyone taking your gum?
Next time bring an extra empty packet... show them you have none left.

Paper cut?
Put chapstick on it.
What are some of your favourite life hacks?
Leave any post suggestions down below.