11 August 2015

Back to School Life Hacks

I know that school is starting pretty soon for a lot of people so I thought would share a couple of tips to help you survive through the whole year that I found on the internet! I'm not going back for a while yet so I'll forget about school till then...

Search 'Simple Wikipedia' on google... just search it.
I didn't even know this existed till a couple of weeks ago and it has literally saved my life! No more pages and pages of complicated explanations to confuse me.

Put packets of dry tea in your trainers - it's kinda like an air freshener!
I know this is kinda weird, but I mean at least it prevents stinky P.E trainers...

Use Command 'F' on your computer/laptop.
It lets you type in a word and it highlights that word in the document... basically saves you an hour of boredom when skimming and scanning text for information.

Have your favourite/a really upbeat song as your alarm.
That usual sound of an alarm literally just makes you want to stay in bed, but this life hack might just help!

If you don't have a uniform, then plan your outfit the day before.
Saves you time in the morning and you'll usually have cuter outfits because you aren't rushing to put them together.

When you're studying, highlight everything that is important then write down everything you highlighted in a notebook to help learn everything.
Write the notes down though, and don't just type them onto a word document because you don't remember the notes as well.

Chew gum while you study.
It helps you memorise things... apparently it works.

Set your phone background as your timetable.
I mean... I hate having to get my planner out of my bag to see what class I have next!

Wrinkle Spray gets rid of wrinkles on your clothes.
WHAAAT... I did not know this was a thing!

Do you know of any other good back to school life hacks?
Let us know of any post suggestions down below.