9 February 2016

The 'Most Likely To' Tag

Since we've been blogging for a year now, I thought that we should probably let you know a bit more about us and what better way to do that than with the 'most likely to' tag!

Who is most likely to crash their car?
Eleanor would definitely be the one to crash her car! She'll either be daydreaming or getting carried away with listening to music!

Who is most likely to scream at the sight of a bug?
Okay so... me and Holly are both petrified of spiders, but I just seem to be scared of every little insect around me! I can't even deal with ladybirds!

Who is most likely to lose their car in a park?
We didn't really know who to pick for this one but apparently Lucy thinks this would be her!

Who is most likely to go skydiving?
Definitely Lucy for this one, she's such a daredevil! She once took us indoor skydiving for her birthday and me and Holly honestly couldn't even deal with that (we literally felt like we couldn't breathe in there)!

Who is most likely to secretly unwrap a present and then re-wrap it again?
Erm... yup this one is kinda me! I get way too curious about presents and just can't contain all my excitement! I'm already trying to convince everyone that we need to sort out Secret Santa now so we are prepared!

Who is most likely to take control of serious situations?
Well I would be the one crying and trying to hide, Lucy will be too busy on her phone and Eleanor will have made friends with the animals so.... I guess that just leaves Holly!

Are you a daredevil?