22 March 2016

A Drawing of Zoë Kravitz

Holly is finally letting us share more of her amazing artwork on the blog... I can't even begin to tell you how long it took me to persuade her! Anyway, keep reading to see what Holly drew this time! 

So this time Holly drew Zoë Kravitz. You're probably thinking, why Zoë? Well... I'll tell you now! Basically, Zoë Kravitz is Holly's favourite actor and she has a 'slight' obsession with her (she's not afraid to admit it either)! Zoë Kravitz played the role of Christina in the Divergent series and that's how Holly found out about her! How amazing is this drawing though... Holly's SO talented!

Have you watched Divergent?
I still haven't... but I'm going to try and watch it soon!