31 May 2016

10 Things that Make Me Happy

I used to write a lot of  'rambly' posts back when I first started blogging and I also used to write a lot of posts based around the theme of happiness. I've tried to bring that back with this post so I hope you enjoy reading it! I decided to make the 10 things completely random and not so 'deep' this time!

1.) Birthdays
...specifically other peoples birthdays! There's just something so exciting about being able to make a day special for someone else!

2.) Colouring
I've got one of those de-stressing colouring books and personally, I believe in the whole calming aspect behind it. I have one of the Johanna Basford ones and I think those are the best adult colouring books out there! They are so detailed and the the pages are really thick which makes the book feel super special.

3.) Blogging
I mean... it's quite an obvious one, but I couldn't not include it! I've especially been loving blogging recently. I went through a phase not too long ago of having no inspiration and then I went on holiday and took a break. Although it took me a little while to get back into blogging regularly, I've come back with so much motivation and I feel like the quality of my posts has really improved.

4.)  Twitter
I tried to force myself to not go on twitter and I deleted the app because I was honestly on it 24/7, but I just ended up downloading it again, because I really missed it! I prefer Twitter over Instagram too. I feel like it's way more interactive and social and everyone's a lot more 'friendly' on there!
Our twitter page:

5.) Rubicon Mango
If you haven't already tried this, then you're missing out! This is honestly probably one of my favourite drinks. There isn't much I can really say about a drink, but basically it's amazing so go try it!

6.) Chill factor slushy cup
You don't get to have slushies everyday... unless you have a slushy cup! It doesn't make slushies that taste as amazing as the ones you buy, but they still taste pretty damn good! Oh, and Rubicon Mango slushies taste amazing by the way...

7.) Scrap-booking memories
Not scrap-booking in a really neat pretty way, but more like sticking anything you want on a page!
I think it's a great way to remember certain events and also a great excuse to not throw stuff away!

8.) Pizza
Who doesn't love a big greasy pizza? It's just way too delicious not to have! I'm quite a boring person though... I like to stick with a plain old Margherita!

9.) Rubbers
I think I've only shared my obsession with cute rubbers once or twice on the blog, but you all agreed that they looked adorable! My collection is getting out of hand though now and I really need to make sure I don't buy any more...

10.) Books
Books can literally change my mood! Reading books is like escaping to a different world where I can be a different person and forget about everything making me upset!

What makes you happy on a down day?