21 June 2016

Weekly finds

I've seen a lot of 'weekly finds' floating around the internet recently so I've decided to give it a shot myself. I've found some pretty cool things on the internet in the past week or so if I do say so myself! Be sure to watch any videos or click on any links mentioned.

YouTube Videos

This is one of the best edited videos I have ever seen and it's just so pleasing to watch! It's so beautiful, I don't even know what to say about it. Basically, if you're up for watching an amazing well edited video that will only take up 2 minutes of your time, then click the link now!

So I've mentioned a well-edited video, but this video is even more creative whilst showing loads of editing skills at the same time. I don't want to say too much about this video because it will ruin it for you, but basically if I had to ask you to click on one link or watch one video from this whole post, then it would be this one! PLEASE WATCH IT!

I don't love all of the backgrounds in this, but there are a good few which are just gorgeous! If you're a fan of Marble then check out this link, I'm sure there will be at least one background which you'll love!

I came across A LOT last week, so I won't mention them all and I also won't ramble on about each one because I've done enough of that in this post, but give them a read anyway because some of them are really quite special!

'When things are really really scary, it usually means they're also really great and exciting!'
(@lilypebbles - Twitter)

'Don't go back to less just because you're too impatient to wait for the best.'
 (@TTLYTEALA - Twitter)

'No rain, No flowers.'
 (@fabuloushannah - Instagram)

Who's your favourite YouTuber at the moment?