18 October 2016

17 More Questions That Nobody Asks

Today's the day I've finally realised that blogging didn't end up just being a hobby that lasted two weeks, and that's because today is our 100th post on this blog... crazy huh?! Anyway, we of course wanted to post something you would love for this special occasion so here are 17 MORE questions that nobody asks.

Nanny McPhee, Blood Diamond and The Day After Tomorrow. I actually watched Blood Diamond in a Geography lesson at school and it's one of my favourite films now. Who knew school actually let you watch decent films?!

I was born in 2000, so a dragon... apparently this means I'm confident and intelligent. Oh, and it also means that blue is my unlucky colour, too bad blue is my favourite colour!


Working on a very exciting project that you guys don't get to know about until the end of October!
It's just as exciting for us as it will be for you... you'll find out why when the time comes!

There is no way that I'll be able to pick just one flavour so I'll just tell you a few instead: cookie dough, even though the only bit I love is the cookie dough pieces; cookies and cream, which is what I usually get; Oreo, and yes... Oreo and cookies and cream definitely taste different and of course the good old classic vanilla!

Sweet, but the best popcorn will always have chocolate drizzled over it.

'Ooh okay, is she making it curly or straight? Or is she making a hair style without tools?'... and that's all your getting!

Nothing, you gotta eat them plain if you want to be able to taste them properly.

Anything that's a 'carb', Italian and bad for you.

I told my mum that my cousin had stolen my sweets from my secret stash when really she was just trying to hide them and I caught her and took them back. I was annoyed so I lied... I know, all because of sweets, but I like sweets okay.

I wouldn't be able to keep the money because I have a funny thing about keeping money that I haven't earnt or been given as a present. I would probably give it all to charity because I don't need the money and others do.

I've never properly tried, but I can solve the first side.

Plain old margarita.... and occasionally I'm alright with a bit of chicken on there too.

Oreo all the way!

Pepsi for sure, I can always tell the difference.

Don't let other people's words hurt you. It says more about them than it does about you.

Forgotten, because I would never be able to deal with hate!

What's your favourite flavour of ice-cream?