29 November 2016

As much as I love going Christmas shopping and buying beautiful presents for all of my friends and family... I know it can sometimes be super hard to find nice gifts that are affordable. Luckily, I've got your back this year! I've teamed up with 'The Lifestyle Blogger UK' to show you some of my favourite bits and pieces from their store that would make great gifts! Everything is so affordable and they offer a wide range of items so there has got to be at least one thing that catches your eye.

15 November 2016

Although I'm one of those people who want to travel the world and go to exotic faraway places... I would also quite like to do a little bit more exploring on my on continent, Europe. There are so many incredible places in Europe, but these are the top 5 ones that I would love to visit!

8 November 2016

That's right... it's time for another award tag post! These posts always seem to do quite well so hopefully you like this one too. The award we were nominated for this time is the 'sunshine blogger award' and we were nominated by Nira from the blog 'It'sNira' Please go and check out her blog and leave her some lovely comments to reply to! Also, information about the CaseApp giveaway will be right at the bottom of this post if you're here for that.

1 November 2016

Lekshmi, a new blogger from the blog 'Little Things' recently got in touch with us and we've actually become really good friends! We decided to collaborate and do a Q&A post, so carry on reading if you would like to see my answers to her questions. Be sure to check out Lekshmi's blog to see her answers to my questions (leave a comment and give her a follow too... you'll love her blog!)