3 January 2017

My New Year's Resolutions

This is the first year that I've actually come up with some resolutions. I've never been bothered about it before because quite frankly, i'm just never going to stick to most of them. However this year I've decided to try and set myself some goals that are achievable so there is actually a point! Also, this post is a collab with Sommy from the blog 'Simplly Me' so be sure to check out her post to read about her resolutions too! Sommy has a very similar blog to us so if you love our blog, I'm sure you will love hers!

I'm in Year 11 now which is my final year of high school and err, that means it's time for my final exams which I am most certainly NOT ready for. I chose the subjects triple Science, History, Geography and French. I also have to do English literature, English language, maths and R.E. Those subjects mean I have a lot of exams and I'm also the sort of person who aims a little too high and I definitely put too much pressure on myself. However, I could use that quality of mine to actually start revising soon (that's right Aleeha... it's on the blog in writing now so you'd better start) so I can do well in my exams!

Following on from my last resolution, I also don't want to let my exams get in the way of things I love. I want to make sure that I pre-plan as many posts as possible, so my exams won't stop you from getting a post every week. Missing one week's post just leads to missing another one so I really want to stick to one post a week, no matter what, this year.

One thing I love about blogging is all the other amazing people I get to talk to. There's so many people who I never would have been friends with if it wasn't for this blog. This year I want to make sure that I make the most of the blogging community and one way I want to do that is by taking part in more twitter chats, especially the ones hosted by @TheGirlGangHQ and @GRLPOWRCHAT.

I've been wanting another piercing for ages, but I just haven't had the time or been bothered to actually get around to having it done. Also, I know my younger sister wants her ears pierced soon so I want to do it with her because I know she's quite scared! I actually want 3 piercings in total on my ear lobe and also 1-2 on my cartilage too. Some people might say it's a bit excessive, but you can always take earrings out!

Erm... yeah, I'm one of those people who really wants a good instagram feed where all the photos look really good together. So far that's not really happening, but I really want to start putting in more effort this year because social media is a big part of blogging and a good instagram theme really helps your instagram account to grow.

What's your main new year's resolution?