8 August 2017

How To Throw A Wicked Summer Party

Since summer is finally here in the UK (well, kind of...), I thought it would only be right to publish some summer content on the blog! And what better way to do that than have a guest a post by the lovely Roxana all about how to throw a wicked summer party?! She's put together some really great tips that I'm sure you will enjoy reading!

The summer is in its full blast, which makes for a perfect occasion to throw an unforgettable summer party! Even if you don’t have a specific party reason, summertime can be reason enough to have fun with your friends. After all, there’s nothing like a casual summer party when you can let your imagination and creativity run wild. It’s all about fun, relaxation and experience. And if you’re kinda bored with the usual summer activities, why wait for someone else to make things more interesting? We all want a change of pace, but warm summer weather seems to be the best friend with laziness and lying around all day. Your party can change all that!

Go for some special place

No one said that there’s something wrong with your or your friend’s backyard with a nice pool. Hey, if this scenery fits the bill, definitely go with it. However, if you want to make everyone a lot more excited about the upcoming event, start from the very beginning and choose a unique location for the party. However, the more unique the place, the higher the chances that you’ll have to ask for permission. So, if you’re planning a party in a public park, a forest, at the beach, near the lake, in an old fortress, and similar, you may want to secure the permission well beforehand. On the other hand, you may be able to rent a sailboat or even a yacht for this amazing party. In the end, it’s all about your wicked idea.

Protect the party from the elements

The sad truth is that summer weather can be really unpredictable. Since a true summer party has to be held outdoors, it’s important that you make sure that the weather doesn’t stop the fun. For instance, there are plenty of shade sails to buy or rent in the market. These might come in handy when it comes to the protection from both the rain and sun. Moreover, if tents match your party theme, you can go with that option. In the end, you can even improvise and make your own weather protection by hanging vibrant umbrellas or large balloons or even swimming mattresses in an array of colors. Of course, don’t forget the lights in the evening. Fairy lights are always amazing, but torches and candles may be more essential to repel the insects.

Holy Trinity - Food/Drinks/Music

It’s no secret that the music is key to any party, but imagine a summer fiesta with no music to go along with it! No way… Whether it’s all about the club bangers or you opt for more of an indie sound, make sure it’s on the happy side. You don’t want your guests depressed however underground you think they (you) are. Deezer or Spotify are great tools for making playlists and they even have their own already set ones by genres and other preferences.

When it comes to food, make sure it’s easy. Hot dogs are a great option. And they look retro. Also a great thing to have at a summer party is watermelon! Everyone loves those and they scream summer. They can be super cheap this time of year and might also help with hydration since they are literally solid water.

Ah, the drinks. The options are endless. You can use one of the watermelons and fill it half with vodka and see what happens. You need to have beer. No questions asked. Just make sure you have beer. 

Hire organizational professionals

If you want this to be the best party ever, but you’re simply stuck for ideas, you can always rely on really good party planning services. Choose the theme and activities for your party together with your planners as they will analyze what will be the best source of fun for you and your guests. That way, you can expect a party tailored to your interests, with activities to match them. And, of course, you can definitely say goodbye to your usual, every-party-ever activities. The sky’s the limit.

Send out compelling invitations

Now that you have all the main details of the party worked out, it’s time to invite the guests. In order to make this wicked event even more interesting and cool, send out invitations that contain hints about the party theme. Take the time to create these invitations on your own. This one is made in Canva (in about two minutes), and I am no designer myself. Nowadays you really have access to super easy-to-use tools such as this one.

If you’re not planning to make a huge party but invite your good friends only, you can even take the time to customize each invitation. Make them personal and unique to match the party you have planned so that everyone can feel the excitement about the upcoming event.

A truly great and amazing summer party requires some planning and organization time. Therefore, if you want to make this a party of a lifetime, don’t rush things too much. Take care of the little details as attentively as you do with your main tasks. And, most importantly, make sure that no guest is allergic to any of the foods you’ll be serving at the party. 

Have you ever thrown a summer party?