5 September 2017

DIY Room Decor

I've been seeing so many incredible room decor ideas on Pinterest, especially ones using photos or polaroid prints. It's a great way to display your favourite photos so you can see them every day rather than letting them get lost in the sea of photos in your gallery. If you would like some inspiration for some easy DIY's to decorate your walls, then carry on reading!

Many of the DIYs I came across on Pinterest used polaroid photos, which definitely made them look more vintage. Polaroid cameras are great and look super Tumblr, but to be honest, I can't be bothered carrying one around with me when I can just take my phone. If you agree, then you should definitely check out Printiki! Printiki lets you print out photos with various different borders including a retro style border that gives your photo the polaroid look. You can even print a caption at the bottom!

I went for a thin white border around the photos instead of the retro style one as I felt like it would look better for the DIY I planned to do. Printiki gives you the option to change the colour of the border too for no extra charges. There are various different sizes to choose from on the Printiki website so definitely check it out if you're wanting to print some high-quality photos for a more than decent price!

If you do decide to purchase some prints from Printiki, you can use the code EJQW6XCP for free shipping to get your prints for an even more affordable price!*

Lucy and I both printed off some photos from Printiki and have created a room decor piece each to inspire you to do the same!


What you'll need...
A large photo frame
Some small photos
Yarn or string
Small pegs or clips
Sticky tape or any wood safe adhesive

First, you'll need an old photo frame with the glass and backboard removed. I kept the glass separate and mounted it on the wall above my desk as a modern looking whiteboard!

Next, I checked the height of the frame to see how many of my photos I could fit inside, then cut four lengths of yarn that were 5cm longer than the frame width. I stuck these equidistant from each other horizontally, leaving gaps where I knew I wanted my photos to hang.

Finally, I took these adorable tiny pegs and hung my photos from the yarn, then stuck the frame on the wall with some Command strips. I feel like this is a perfect way to make a photo display look unique while still being easy to change out the photos whenever you get new ones!


What you'll need...
A twig or wooden dowel
A bunch of photos (I used 9)
Yarn or string
Card or thick wallpaper
Sticky tape

For the first step, you have a choice of going outside and finding a twig or using a wooden dowel. If you want the wall hanging to look more rustic, I recommend using a twig. Next, you need to cut the dowel or twig to the correct size using a saw

I actually painted the twig, but this is obviously optional. If you do decide to paint it, I would recommend using a paint with a glossy finish.

Once the paint is dry you'll need to attach three pieces of the string (of the same length) at different points along the twig. The length of the string depends on the number/size of photos you decide to use. I had a few problems with attaching the string to the twig as the knots just kept coming loose. In this case, you may want to add some tape to the back to help keep it in place. You also need to attach one more piece of string at the top (attach the ends of the string to the the ends of twig to create a triangle shape) to hang the DIY up with.

Next, you need to attach your photos to the pieces of string using sticky tape. I attached three photos to each piece of string (9 in total).

To finish off the DIY, I cut some triangles out of blue sparkly wallpaper to add at the bottom of each piece of string. You can obviously use any printed wallpaper or card for this.

For more inspiration, check out Printiki's Instagram page, it has some beautiful photos!

Do you own a polaroid camera?

*This post is in collaboration with Printiki, however, all opinions are our own.
If you use this code, we will receive a small amount of credit to purchase more photos too.