17 October 2017

Travel Checklist

Travelling abroad can always be stressful; there's always that worry that you've forgotten to pack something or not checked the house properly before you've left. Don't get me wrong, I love going on holiday... there's just a lot to plan and think about beforehand! This is where travel checklists come in handy - a list of everything you need to do and pack before you leave the house. Here's my brief last-minute holiday checklist that covers everything from the basics to plane essentials to home and security!

The Basics

Have you got your passport?
What about your boarding pass?
Don't forget your phone...
Or your keys!
Make sure you've got all the chargers and adapters you could possibly need!
Have you checked the weight and size of your bags? Does it meet the requirements?
What's the weather like at your destination? Make sure you pack accordingly!
Remember to empty the fridge and cupboards of any food that might expire.
Have you packed all your medication?

Plane Essentials

There's nothing worse than getting onto a plane and realising that the one thing you need is packed away in your suitcase rather than your hand luggage... it's happened to me far too many times! Here are 10 things I always try and remember to keep in my carry-on bag...

1. Headphones (I absolutely despise the ones you get for free on planes)
2. A blanket or at least some sort of cosy hoody
3. Fluffy socks (definitely an essential haha)
4. A phone charger in the hopes that your plane has plug sockets and wifi
5. Paracetamol
6. Hand cream and lip balm
7. A book in case you get bored of screens?
8. Snacks or comfort food to avoid the provided meals...
9.  Toothbrush and toothpaste so you can freshen up
10. Spare clothes

Home and Security

Switch off all electrical items.
Lock all the windows
Switch off the central heating and fire
Check the cooker hobs in the kitchen
Switch on any timers that you have e.g. for lights
If you don't have timers, consider leaving a few lights on in the house for security
Do you have an alarm? Remember to turn it on and check it is working.

For those who are extra cautious about security, the new Panasonic Motion Sensor might be something to consider checking out! It detects movement inside your home, sending alerts straight to your smartphone or tablet, sounding an alarm or even activating other smart-home devices.

What's your number one plane essential?

Big thanks to Spot Digital, representing Panasonic, who approached us to sponsor this post.