28 November 2017

Growing Up British

If you're British, then you need to read this post... especially if you went to a British primary school. I've put together a list of the most relatable British childhood memories after hours of searching through '#growingupbritish'  tweets on Twitter and I'm 99% sure that you will be able to relate to at least one of them; if you do then definitely let me know which one!

Lining up 'boy, girl, boy, girl' before assembly
Playing Heads-Down-Thumbs-Up 
Having drawers instead of lockers (...and everyone was nice enough not to steal your stuff)
Searching through Argos catalogues to create your wishlist
Waking up early to watch Milkshake on Channel 5
Finally being old enough to sit on the benches in assembly
The rainbow parachute games in P.E.
Being forced to write with Berol handwriting pens
Potato smiley faces
Endless hours of entertainment on Moshi Monsters

Paying 20p for toast at break
Colin the Caterpillar birthday cake at parties
The annual 'Harold the Giraffe' visits at primary school
Scooters with flashing lights
Heelys (although, apparently, they're 'cool' again according to my younger sister)
Big cook, little cook on CBeebies
Golden Time every Friday afternoon
Getting Fruit Winders for the comic strips
Using buttercup flowers to find out if someone likes butter or not
Trying to make sure to remember not to wear uniform on non-uniform day

Sherbet straws
Party Ring biscuits
Collecting and trading Match Attax cards
'The Magic Key' reading books
Getting to use the blue mats is P.E.
Wearing plimsols in P.E.
The Lelli Kelly advert
McVities Iced Gems
Fighting for the cleanest whiteboard in lessons
Primary school discos

Can you relate to any of these?