28 March 2018

Finding Your Personal Style

One of the main ways we express ourselves nowadays is through the way we dress. Our clothes and style can tell a lot about our personality, however, finding and defining our signature style isn't always as easy as we assume. Do you have an idea of what your personal style is? How is it changing as you grow as a person?

Consider Your Lifestyle Today

Your personal style reflects who you are and as you change, your personal style is bound to change too. For some of us, that can be a real struggle because we want to be sure of how we present ourselves to the world, whether that's down to our taste or changing and entering a different phase in our lives. Your personal style can change so many times throughout your life, from stepping out of Sixth Form and into university to finally entering the world of work. Is personal style something we should care about though? For some of us, maybe. The impact of personal style can give many of us the confidence and self-esteem that we are lacking to approach difficult moments in life. Your style is an embodiment of the phrase 'fake it til you make it': it can really help you to become who you truly want to be. Here are some tips on how you can claim your own personal style...

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Be On The Lookout

Style inspiration comes from so many different sources, so if you're looking to develop a personal style, you want to be looking out for the things that appeal to you. One of my personal favourite tools for creating mood boards is Pinterest. It's a great way to put together collections of looks that you like. Polyvore is another great site for pulling together outfit ideas. You may want to start with famous people whose style you admire. What do you like about their style? What elements would you like to incorporate into your personal style? But it's important to be aware of all the other style inspiration around you too - from your family, friends and even random strangers on the street. Finding your personal style is an ongoing process so inspiration can hit you at anytime.

Shop Smart

A key idea that I definitely need to start following is that quantity is not always the best route. In fact, it's far better to create a wardrobe of a few key building block pieces that really reflect your personal style. Stop buying stuff just because it's on sale because in reality, it isn't a bargain if you only wear it once! It's much better to invest in a few key items that really fit in with how you want to look and feel. Identify the pieces you really truly want that are missing from your wardrobe – is it that killer biker jacket from All Saints or the iconic Mulberry bag? Shop online for signature accessories like those perfect frames from Glasses 2 You, or that affordable dress you really love from Boohoo. If you only buy what is missing, you’ll build your ideal look much faster.

Finding your own style is really just about finding your confidence and trusting your own instincts. By following that, you're bound to look good.

How do you develop your personal style?