17 August 2018

School Bag Essentials

The summer holidays seem to be flying past and once again, back to school season is slowly coming into full swing. The one thing that makes going back to school ever so slightly exciting for me is the excuse to go shopping. I've therefore taken it upon myself to not only help you out with this school bag essentials post, but also hopefully make you a little bit less miserable about going back to school??!

The best bit about back to school shopping is 100% the stationery aisles. Ryman tend to be one of the best stores for stationery so I've featured links throughout this post to some of the essentials you can buy from them, along with some great deals!

Far too many unnecessary items get bought ever year, but who can resist a brand new pack of coloured pens like the Ryman Ballpens and the Bic Erasable Felt Pens! I always find that colourful pens are an incentive when it comes to making revision resources and notes.

Something that I always make sure to stock up on before school starts is Pritt Sticks. I literally go through dozens and dozens of them every single school year - Ryman are currently selling a pack of 5 for less than half price! A Tipp-Ex pocket correction tape is also a good one to purchase if, like me, you hate messy liquid Tipp-Ex! A cute pencil to put all these essentials in is a must: Ryman do a rainbow pencil case which isn't too bulky, but will still fit everything in. Some of the other essentials I carry in my pencil case are a calculator, eraser, geometry set and of course, highlighters and pencils.

Even though I'm in sixth form now and  unfortunately, no longer get provided a free planner, I still make sure to get one before the start of school. My collection of school planners is 100% the main reason why I have managed to stay so organised and keep on top of all my homework. As well as a planner, if you're a sixth-form/college student, you'll also probably want to stock up on some re-fill pads. We all know how quickly they get used up! Art students will probably want to stock up on some art supplies such as paints, brushes and a sketch pad such as this one from Ryman, which is perfect for everything from ink drawings to charcoal and water colour works!

We then have the not so 'academic', but still essential items. I always keep a water bottle in my school bag and I've decided to go with a Wham Tritan clip lid bottle from Ryman this year. The bottle is available in a number of different colours including black, red, green and more!

Another school bag essential is an 'emergency kit'. Half of the items in this kit usually disappear by the end of the year, but that's only proof of how useful they can be. I usually keep earphones, plasters, paracetamol, hand sanitizer, tissues, hair bobbles, lip balm and spare change in mine.

What's your number one back to school essential?

Huge thanks to Ryman Stationery for making this post possible.