27 August 2019

Instagram Featured Favourites

Can you believe it has been over a year since I last published a favourites post?! After pondering on the different ways I could recap the past year (and a bit...), I've come up with a little something: Instagram featured favourites. I may have been absent on my blog, but these are the favourites that were loved enough to be featured on the gram!

KISS Lashes

If you know me, you'll know that I don't tend to wear much makeup; however, I finally decided to give the whole false lashes 'trend' a go. I've surprised myself and found that I actually really do quite like them and will definitely be wearing them again! The KISS eyelashes featured in the flatlay below include shy, lily and iconic. As the name suggests, shy is the most natural pair however I also love lily and iconic for a slightly bolder look. For anyone else new to fake eyelashes, I've taken a few selfies wearing the pair shy to show you just how natural they can look! Click here to view the full range of Kiss lashes available from FalseEyelashes.co.uk.

kiss lashes collage

muru jewellery

Muru Jewellery

Recently, I've found myself finishing every single outfit with some layered necklaces. I tend to go for 2 or 3 with different lengths but of the same colour and my favourite necklace to wear both on its own and layered is this gorgeous mandala necklace from Muru Jewellery. I especially love wearing it layered to create a statement piece on a plain black or white top. Both the necklaces in the photo on the left are from Muru Jewellery and are perfect for layering!

Cargo Trousers

The cargo trousers trend has been around for quite some time and as more and more of my favourite influencers have shared photos styling them... I've kind of grown to like them. I actually bought a khaki pair from pretty little thing for an army themed outfit for sixth form leavers, but I've worn them countless times since! My favourite way to style them is with a slogan tee and a denim jacket, but they also look really good paired with a fitted plain black top. I've seen quite a few looks online where cargo pants have been styled with the famous 'off-white' belt which I loveeee. I could never bring myself to spend that much money on a belt though so let me know of any dupes!

Cargo pants collage

Adexe Watch

Adexe Watch

An item I literally have not left the house without this summer is my Adexe Watch (rose gold petite sistine). I'm wearing it in pretty much every single photo on my Instagram feed since I received it. With it being such a simple, but elegant design, it goes with every single outfit and you will never find me without it! The watch also came with a brown leather strap, but it looks so beautiful with the mesh strap so I don't see myself changing it anytime soon!

What is your favourite fakes lashes brand?
Many thanks to falseeyelashes.co.uk for making this post possible.