24 February 2015

If you're interested in making your hair darker for a while then why not have a read through these methods and give them a go before going into the hairdressers and ruining your hair with all sorts of chemicals and products.

17 February 2015

 So for this week's post I thought I would share with you my top 5 places that I want to go and visit. I don't know if I will ever see all of them but I hope so! Also these are all places that I haven't seen yet, so most of them will probably be outside of the UK as most of the major things in the UK I have already seen. I've listed them in a random order because I'm really not sure which one would come first or second or third or... Anyway without further ado onto my top 5 places I have to go and see....

10 February 2015

So these are just a bunch of random questions that Stilababe09 did a video for on YouTube and since I'm a new blogger, I thought these questions would just show a little bit about me and just be a really
fun post to do.

5 February 2015

When it comes to homework and revision, we all understand the hard work and boredom that comes with it and if you’re anything like me you’re used to leaving it till the last minute. It’s easy to say you’ll do it later, but later turns into tomorrow and tomorrow turns into cramming before your lesson is about to start.

3 February 2015

So you're in the mood to curl your hair - great! Just remember though, you really don’t want to use curling wands/irons and damage your hair with heat… so what do you do then?