28 September 2015

10 things I hate

If you enjoyed reading my '10 things I love' post, then lucky you because now I have another post full of things I hate so much and there's a couple that I'm actually scared of...

That's right all of them, not just one type of berry. I hate all of them! We can just pretend that I'm allergic to them so I don't have to give a massive explanation why because I don't really have a good enough one. I can just tell by looking at them that I won't like them and I am SO scared of putting one in my mouth because what if I don't like them. I'm such a dare devil *note the sarcasm*.

The hate I have for spiders has grown into terror. Their legs are just so long and ugh! Talking about them is sending shivers down my spine so let's just move onto the next thing!

Parma Violets
If you don't know what these are, they are a British violet flavoured sweet and personally I think they taste HORRIBLE! Comment below letting me know whether you like them because I know some people do actually like the taste of these! I do like Fizzers though which are similar to Parma Violets but have a different flavour.

Butter and Jam together
The thought of this makes me feel sick! It might not even taste that bad, but I just can't imagine mixing the two textures together. I feel like I'm using this post to share my opinions on food... just to clarify, I do love food, I'm just a fussy eater!

Ignorant people
Right, okay, this is something that really gets on my nerves because if someone isn't interested in what I have to say then why don't they just change the topic! Like why... It just makes me feel like an idiot because I find out I'm talking to myself!

People that think just because I have a bubbly personality I don't get hurt.
In general, I just seem happy and bubbly (and sometimes a little bit giddy) all the time but that honestly isn't the case. Since I laugh things off at the time some people don't really think before they say stuff to me as they don't think I get hurt. Trust me, I cry for hours sometimes!

Chocolate cake
It's not all types of chocolate cake but it's just the really moist ones with chocolate icing, they make me feel so sick. Sorry chocolate cake lovers, I'm not with you on this one!

Loud chewing
THIS JUST REALLY BUGS ME! Yes, It does bug me so much I need to use capital letters! I will sit there all tensed up because I get so annoyed. That sounds just 'grinds my gears'.

The smell of metal
You know when you touch something that's made of  metal and then your hands smell of that certain scent... I don't like that, in fact I think most people don't like it. Okay, this was a bit of weird one and I have nothing else to say but oh well! At least i shared my hate for the smell of metal.

Fake nails
They are really nice and they look really good when they are on but personally I can't wear them because something that I can't point my finger on but I think it's the fact they are all plasticy (there's a new word for you) that I wouldn't be able to deal with if I had them on myself. I honestly think some fake nails look really nice when people wear them though, so don't be offended if you wear them!

What's your biggest pet peeve?
Let us know of any post suggestions down below.