6 October 2015

September favourites 2015

Expect everything from Fashion to YouTube in this monthly favourites post! Yes, I have finally written another one of these... I promise to try and do them more frequently!

Fashion: Aldo Cavanna Sneakers
I have been wearing these nonstop for like 3 months straight... I am obsessed! I just got kind of bored of the certain converse and vans style which, don't get me wrong I do love but I just wanted something different. These shoes are more of an Adidas style which I'm really into at the moment!

Candle: Lilly Flame - Warm Welcome
I know this is a Christmas candle, but I can't help getting excited in Autumn! This candle does smell amazing though, it's such a cosy, warm scent and I just want to cuddle up in a fluffy blanket next to the fire and have hot chocolate every time I burn this. It just smells like warm vanilla (but not sweet) with a slightly spicy undertone... I LOVE IT!

Accessory: Statement Necklace
(Sorry I don't know where it's from as I got as a present)
I've recently just loved wearing a plain top and throwing a jacket on top, but adding a statement necklace just really adds something to the outfit and I am in love with this one. I feel like this one necklace can literally transform my outfit!
(I spent so long trying to get this necklace to stay flat on the table, but it was just annoying me so much in the end that I gave up so.... sorry about the photo!)

YouTube: Eve Bennett
If you don't watch Eve's videos, you should totally check her channel out! I've really been enjoying her videos recently. She's quite a young YouTuber and she posts a lot of videos related to school and revision which are super helpful!

Who is your favourite YouTuber?
Let us know of any post suggestions down below.