20 October 2015

Let's chat - Bumping into a mirror

Err... I may have walked straight into a mirror. Just to clarify, this was when I was in year 6/7 and Holly walked into the mirror as well so.... I wasn't alone!!

For Eleanor's 11/12th birthday we (me, Holly, Lucy, Eleanor and a few of our other friends) went to Blue Planet Aquarium and we all had a really great day. But I'm not here to tell you about all the stuff we did... just about how I embarrassed myself in public!

We were all just walking around and because we were still quite young then we were obviously staying with Eleanor's parents and really didn't want to get lost. Me and Holly suddenly lost everyone else and we started to panic (just a little bit). We looked around a bit, but didn't go too far and then we saw them so we were obviously quite relieved and went to join everyone else.... and then :-O!

We had walked into a mirror... I'm still SOOOO confused about this part and so is Holly! I am so sure of the fact that when we were walking towards the mirror that I didn't see the reflection of me or Holly in it. Surely, if I did I would have realized it was a mirror! That was pretty embarrassing at the time because we were obviously in a pretty busy place! It's just kind of funny to think about now - definitely a memory I will NEVER forget!!! 

We obviously found the others in the end though, because we saw they were behind us after we found out that we had only seen the reflection of them!

A bit off topic, but I've always wanted to go to a mirror maze and that's probably the closest I ever got! 

Have any of you been in a mirror maze?
Have you bumped into a mirror before?
(To be honest me and Holly and probably the only ones who've done that)

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