10 November 2015

DIYs using wallpaper!

Recently I've just been transforming some of my old things with wallpaper! It's so easy and simple to do so I thought I would show you some of the stuff I've revitalized!

This doesn't really need an explanation... I mean you can use wallpaper to transform pretty much anything! You just choose whatever wallpaper you want and cut it out to the right size and stick it onto the object. I just used PVA glue but it did the job! You can use a stronger glue if you want depending on what you're sticking it to.
Here are some of the things I've transformed with wallpaper...


A mini fold-able desk

A wooden box that I now put my books in.

A cardboard Easter Egg box... that's now a bin!

Let us know if you try any of these yourself!
Have any other DIY posts you want to see us try?