19 January 2016

Stationery haul

I may have gone a little bit crazy over all the stationery shops in Dubai.... I mean how can you not love stationery?! Here's some of the cute little bits and pieces I bought.

Japanese/Chinese food rubbers

Colouring pencils

Thin tipped pen (with a plane on it...)

One of those colour changing rubbers
The ones which you take the top off and then put on the end... do you know what I mean?

Neon lead pencils

Gel pens

Cake rubbers

Bendy ruler

Fruit Rubbers

Alphabet stencil
For people like me who just can't do bubble writing!

Yeah, I know I won't be able to use up all those rubbers, but I just like collecting them! A bit weird, but hey... each to their own!

Do you collect anything?