26 January 2016

Time to de-stress

I get stressed VERY easily, and I'm sure many of you do too, but there are also many ways to get rid of all that tension. Here are some of the things that help me to de-stress, I hope some of them work for you!

Hot drinks
Personally, I love to make myself a mug of hot chocolate... it's one of my favourite drinks and I guess I just find it very calming. You could also have coffee, normal tea, flavoured tea... whatever you want really! For me, just the whole holding a warm mug idea seems to relieve a lot of tension!

I love curling up with a book in a cosy blanket and just letting my mind drift away from the realities of life for a bit. It's something that leaves me so much more calm and relaxed at the end, but I just never seem to do much of it any more and I really still wish I did.

I know this isn't for everyone, but for some people it can work really well! There's some really detailed and beautiful adult colouring books available that are meant to be de-stressing. They definitely work for me!

Hanging out with family and friends
Sometimes it's just nice to sit down and have a little laugh with your friends or watch TV with the rest of your family. Whenever I'm preparing for an exam, I always go downstairs and join the rest of my family for a bit, and I always come back to my work with a more positive mindset.

I love to write a couple of blog posts and take some photos to help me de-stress since that's something that I'm passionate about and I enjoy. Once you find the thing you love, then that's a great thing to do to help you release all that tension because you just end up having so much fun that you forget about everything else!
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What helps you to de-stress?