17 January 2017

7 Closet Essentials

Last year I found myself reaching for the same key pieces in my wardrobe over and over again... I realised that I had found my key wardrobe staples and that obviously meant that a post had to come out of it! Now, I bet you're all thinking... has she even done a 'fashion' post before? And my answer to that is no I haven't, but hey, it's nice to switch things up sometimes. Here are 7 items that NEVER leave my closet!

Bomber jacket
Bomber jackets have been everywhere recently and I have totally jumped onto the bandwagon with this trend! There are so many different types out in stores at the moment and some of my favourites include the traditional style, printed ones and silk or satin finish ones.

Denim jacket
This is just a classic jacket that makes its way back in time and time again. I feel like the way you wear a denim jacket is quite important because since it's been around for such a long time, it can look quite old and boring, but I also think it's super trendy with the right outfit. I've had my eye on a furlined one for such a long time!

Statement coat
Last coat/jacket in this post... I promise! Everyone needs one of these in their wardrobe, they are so easy to chuck out and can change the look of an outfit completely. You don't need to worry too much about the rest of your outfit because it literally does all the talking. I love double breasted coats and trench coats.

High rise jeans
High waisted jeans are probably the most worn item of clothing in my wardrobe. I find that they are more flattering than non-high waisted jeans on my figure. I love how they look with a top that is tucked in and also with slightly cropped tops. The Warehouse powerhold skinny cut jeans are one of my favourites. They are slightly high waisted and they have high back pockets which is really flattering. They also don't go 'sqaure' at the bottom of my ankles which is one thing that I hate about a lot of skinny jeans! The Topshop joni jeans are also really incredible and come at a slightly cheaper price (varies according to details).

Basic rollnecks
A plain monochrome rollneck always comes in handy. They look super cute under dresses and dungarees, but I also quite like wearing them with jeans, a really nice coat and a pair of boots or trainers for a more laid back look. My most worn rollnecks are definitely my black and grey ones!

Cosy white jumpers
No jumper will ever beat that classic white knit jumper for me... they just scream Christmas, winter and all round... 'cosiness'. They have been around for ages, but I mean, you can't go wrong with a white cable knit right?

Hi-tops/ankle boots
Last but not least... hi-tops and ankle boots. There's honestly not much to say about this other than they look good with EVERYTHING... dresses, jeans, skirts... literally everything. If I had to name one pair of shoes that I am desperate to add to my collection then it would most definitely be the Vans hi-tops!

What are your closet essentials?