24 January 2017

Essential Blogging Tools

It has almost been 2 years since me and Lucy started our blog and in that time we've discovered some pretty important and helpful tools. There are variety of tools included in this post, including ones to make your blog look beautiful, ones to make your blog successful and ones to help you with your social media work! I highly recommend all 5 of the tools mentioned in this post and honestly think you might like them too!

 Canva is INCREDIBLE! If you haven't heard of Canva then you have most certainly been living under a rock. All our post headers are made on there because it is just so incredibly easy to use. I mean, if I can make a post header on Canva, anyone can! Most of the resources on there are for free and personally, I haven't ever had the need to have to buy anything extra. You can also upload your own images which is also super helpful if you want to create little collages and frames for your blog photos.

Trello is something that I feel like most bloggers won't use and I can see why. Personally, I love Trello because it means that me and Lucy can keep all our blog work together on one board where we can both see it. You can add lots of separate cards to keep things looking neat and tidy. One of my favourite things about Trello is that you can add checklists for things that you need to do which is SO handy! You can have a group of people sharing a board which means that it is so easy for me and Lucy to keep track of each other's (and our own...) blog work.

I'm always completely honest with you guys and that's why you're about to find out how dumb I am with even slightly 'technical' stuff... I don't actually know how to use google analytics properly. I mean, I know how to look at the number of page views and sessions, but that's about it. I always just leave that sort of stuff to Lucy. The reason why I've included google analytics in this post though is because I don't know about other platforms, but Blogger's stats aren't exactly the most accurate! You might know what I mean if you use Blogger too.

I'm quite new to crowdfire, but I've already figured out that it is a lifesaver when it comes to social media. We all know the annoying feeling when you gain 5 followers and then 10 people unfollow you once you have followed them back. Crowdfire lets you see who is unfollowing you so you can unfollow those 'certain' accounts back! Crowdfire also tells you who your most active followers are so it's also quite useful for following them back too.

We've used Bloglovin' pretty much ever since we first started blogging. It's the main platform that we use to keep track of our followers on because it is made for blogs so you know that the people using it either have their own blog, or love reading blogs. I also like to use Bloglovin' to save posts and find new blogs to read. I highly recommend that you check out Bloglovin' if you don't already use it, it really makes you feel like you are a part of the blogging community.

What is your number one essential blogging tool?