21 February 2017

Hair Care Tips And Hacks

There's a lot of hair care hacks and tips floating around the internet at the moment, many of which I've tried. Some of them aren't so helpful, but there are actually a lot which have become a part of my hair care routine and so of course... this post is all about the hair care tips that are really worth the extra effort!

If you're trying to prevent frizz/that annoying static hair problem, then you need to try switching your pillow cases to satin or silk ones. They are so much more gentle on your hair and I've definitely noticed that my hair is a lot less static at the roots since using them.

...I don't even understand why some people don't do this, it makes such a big difference to the appearance of your hair in the morning! It means your hair doesn't get all knotty and tangled and so you don't need to brush your hair as harshly. You are also left with some really subtle natural waves which is also a bonus because I mean... no heat involved! 

Coconut oil and mustard oil are some of the best natural oils out there to nourish and care for your hair. This isn't something I do all the time, because quite frankly I hate the feeling of 'heavy' hair when you have a mask on, but every couple of weeks, it's quite a nice thing to do. I do however find that sometimes I have to cleanse my hair twice afterwards to get rid of any of the excess oil.

I don't even touch brushes anymore.... that's partly down to braiding my hair because it means I don't have any tangles. I also have curly hair so brushing it just gets rid of definition. The only times I ever brush my hair is before a shower and in the shower when I'm applying my conditioner. I will always use a wide toothed comb when I do need to brush/comb through my hair, because it's much less harsh and so prevents hair breakage.

THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE! I apply it to my hair twice a week once I've washed it and my hair is still damp. I kid you not, it has made my hair grow so much faster and weirdly enough, more evenly..... there's a lot less split ends!

I don't use dry shampoo, but a lot of people I know do, and for them it's literally like their number one product! It's good for soaking up excess oil, but also for people with quite flat hair to give a bit of volume and add texture. There's a lot of dry shampoos out there so sometimes it can be really hard to tell which ones are worth the money. Reviews.com have done a whole lot of research into dry shampoo and have come up with a list of the very best ones which you can check out by clicking here. They have also made a super helpful infographic showing the four key tips to applying dry shampoo for the best possible results:

If you're really wanting to improve the condition of your hair and are finding that most products aren't giving you the results you want, then maybe you should look into buying some extra supplements or vitamins that are specifically targeted to improve the condition of your hair. Hairbreed are a company that offer vitamins for healthy hair growth so if you are interested, then check their website out. You can use the code HB15VCW for 15% off their product.

Disclaimer: We worked with Hairbreed and Reviews.com to create this post, however this is not sponsored and there are no affiliate links.