28 February 2017

One Lovely Blog Award

We were nominated by the lovely Nira for the One lovely blog award and so of course as usual, we are going to do the tag! I absolutely love these blog award tags, because it's a way to congratulate other bloggers as well as letting your readers know more about you. Remember to check out the blogs linked in this post!

The Rules:
Do a post about the award
Share 7 facts about yourself
Nominate up to 15 bloggers
Tell your nominees the good news!

7 facts about me:
1) I would love to be able to turn back time
2) I want to travel the world
3) Other than blogging, I absolutely hate writing and the subject English at school
4) I have never tried to flip a pancake
5) I am taking part in NCS this Summer
6) I'm shortsighted.
7) Daddy long legs are basically just flying spiders in my opinion... not a fan!

I nominate:
Ciara's Little Blog
Beauty Box
Baking Boutique
Harry's Sisters
Daisy Petals
Marina Writes Life
Izzy K
Mariyam Z
The Dream Chaser
Lou's World
A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me
Danielle's Beauty Blog
Dream Of Adventures

All the blogs linked above are absolutely incredible, so I would love it if you go could go and show them some love by leaving a comment or by following them!

I feel like this post was really short, but hey, sometimes short posts are the best posts!

Have any of you ever taken/are planning to take part in NCS?