12 January 2018

2018 New Year's Resolutions

This year I've actually come up with some serious, 'proper' new year's resolutions. As in, I'm actually going to try and stick to them and make them easy to track. I set myself resolutions for the first time last year, but to be honest, they were kind of vague and I've forgotten what most of them were. But it's all changing this year... I'm actually going to try and I might even do a recap post at the end of the year!

Wake up at 7:30am on weekdays

This was actually something I used to do without fail until I had a long summer break full of lie-ins which kind of ruined it when I started Sixth Form. I've been getting up at 8:00am every morning leaving me half an hour to get ready... so bad, I know! I want to start getting up early so I can have a proper breakfast in the morning and make a to-do list too; productivity is also something I've let slip after the summer holidays.

Read a book before bed

I don't have as much time to read books now that I've started Sixth Form which is a shame because I love reading. I want to make time to read before bed each night. It'll also be a good way to switch off from social media before bed each night instead of scrolling through Instagram and Twitter feeds for hours on end. I do want to try and read quite a few books that are related to the subjects I'm studying as it'll be a good way for me to widen my knowledge and develop more specific interests.

Have at least 3 blog posts up every month

Now, I know this goal probably sounds so shockingly horrific to a lot of you incredible bloggers out there, but for me, this will actually be a challenge. My usual schedule is to put up one blog post a week, so that's 4 a month, but I've been struggling now that my workload has increased. Skipping posts has actually become quite a frequent thing and so I think allowing myself to skip one post a month if I have to will be much easier to stick to than following a rigid schedule.

Eventually be able to help my friend in Maths regularly again

I was helping my friend with Maths on a regular basis for most of 2017 and I was planning on carrying it on into Sixth Form but I've been struggling so much with my own workload so I kind of just stopped. I want to try and catch up with my own work and get back to helping her with Maths at some point this year. I'm not setting a date because I honestly have no idea when I'll be able to catch up with my own work, but it's definitely a long-term goal I want to achieve.

Have completed at least 4 different work experiences

I'm still so confused about what I want to do in the future - sometimes I think dentistry might be for me, but I really need to start getting some work experience now if I want to apply for that. I would like to get work experience in few dentistry clinics and in a hospital environment, but I also want to get work experience in other careers too as I'm still not sure if dentistry is for me.

What are your new year's resolutions?