20 April 2018

The Best Tips to Instagram Your Food

We all love taking photos of our amazing meal from our favourite local restaurant and posting it to Instagram. We also all love looking at everyone else’s drool-worthy food photography. But taking great photos of your delicious meals can be trickier than just whipping out your iPhone and snapping away.

There are a handful of simple tips and tricks to instantly up your food photography game; being aware of lighting and your environment, colour and texture, and a little editing will completely transform the quality of your final images!

And after you upload that awesome new picture of your gourmet pasta or dessert and your Instagram fans comment on it, be sure to respond! Take a few minutes every day to respond to all the people who left you nice comments, this is the best way to grow your following. Responding and listening to your audience is also a great way to track how well posts are doing and why, which should be of utmost concern for any social media influencer.

Be sure to check out the full guide on How to Instagram Your Food by Kitchen Cabinet Kings.

Thank you to Sarah Archer for letting us share these tips and lovely graphics with our readers.

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