13 April 2018

7 Daily Habits Of Successful People

We are all constantly aiming to be the most productive and successful versions of ourselves. I've compiled a little list of some of the general habits of successful people that we could all do with following! Since exams are oh so dreadfully near for some of us, I thought these tips might help some of you students out too!

Make your bed 

Let's start this off with a habit I practice (almost) daily. I honestly can't stress to you how much of a difference making your bed makes to your productivity throughout the day. And no. Your mum making your bed does not count. The active process of making your bed in the morning is what makes the difference; it acts as a divider between night and day. Once you've made your bed, you know it's time to get stuff done. 

Drink a glass of water in the morning

The benefits of drinking water in the morning can actually change depending on the temperature; from cold water; boosting your metabolism to hot water; eliminating toxins. Drinking a glass of water in the morning sets you up hydrated from the beginning of the day. 

Write a to-do list

Setting yourself a list of tasks to complete through the day gives you a goal. It gives you something to work towards and a reason to not procrastinate. It's best to stick to achievable to-do lists, but if you're like me and prefer getting everything in your head written on paper, learn to prioritise. Order your to-do lists so your most important tasks are at the top. This way you can move over the less important tasks that may not have been completed until the next day but are still able to meet deadlines...

Keep on top of deadlines

What a smooth transition, I truly take pride in myself for that. Another thing I take pride in is meeting deadlines and I believe that is key to being successful. Continuing to meet deadlines means continuing to complete work and all in all, that means success. Meeting deadlines is a form of success in itself.

Tidy as you go

I have never met that stereotype of teenagers having messy rooms. As mentioned before, I pretty much always make my bed and I also tidy as I go. 'Tidy space, tidy mind'; you know the saying. In my opinion, it's honestly so true though. Plus, if you put things back in their allocated spaces as you go rather than leaving them around, you won't have to spend as long tidying anyway!

Read every day

Admittedly, this is not something I do... BUT, I do want to be reading every day eventually. Reading books was often something drilled into us as children and teenagers at school and, honestly, I used to and still do enjoy it. Reading books has so many benefits from increasing your vocabulary to being a form of stress relief.

Wake up early

Successful people generally wake up early, but also still make sure to get their 8 hours of sleep. That means going to bed on time and avoiding the late night Netflix binge-watching sessions. An early start means more hours during the day for you to carry out the tasks on your to-do list without feeling tired and groggy. Towards the end of the day, the majority of us tend to slack when it comes to working, so waking up early is the best way to make up for that!

Do you use to-do lists?