16 February 2018

We've been nominated for so many blogger award tags recently so thank you so much if that was you! We've already done most of the tags, but I didn't want to ignore all the lovely questions that have been asked so I've picked out some of my favourites to answer in this post. There are still so many unanswered questions so if this goes down well, I might do a part 2!

9 February 2018

Monday the 1st of January 2018. As if the date wasn’t already satisfying enough to start the new year, I spent my first day of 2018 on the continent of Africa! The perfect place to explore, learn about traditions/cultures, and practice my photography. After a jam-packed few days of ‘adventuring’, I thought I would share with you my top 5 must-see sights.

2 February 2018

I think I've FINALLY got the hang of Instagram. I've been gaining around 100 followers a week alongside a decent amount of engagement on posts that is increasing as my account grows. After seeing a lot of complaints on Twitter about horrific Instagram engagement, I thought a blog post about the tips and tricks I use to help beat the Instagram algorithm might help some of you out!