14 November 2017

I've FINALLY gotten around to finishing another book reviews post... I feel like I haven't put one of these up for so long, but they're one of my favourite posts to write and take photos for! Admittedly, this post has been written over the past year and a half so I apologise if it's a bit outdated, but I really wanted to share these reviews with you. I really want to get back into reading regularly again so if you have any book recommendations, definitely share them in the comments!

7 November 2017

Chatty posts are my favourites, both to read and to write, so when I came across the post '12 Things' by Aspyn Ovard, I knew I had to steal the post idea! Plus, I just feel like it's been aagggeess since I've done a general life update post or a favourites post so I'm basically going to make this post a combination of the two! If you decide to do this post too, let me know because I would love to read it!

31 October 2017

NCS (a national summer programme for young people) was massively challenging for me; being shoved in with a bunch of new people for 4 weeks isn't exactly my cup of tea. It most definitely involved a few anxious nights during the lead-up to it but it ended up being probably the best thing I could have done to help build my self confidence. There were, however, a few 'mishaps' and 'issues' (title says it all)... won't lie though, they all make some pretty hilarious memories.