19 January 2018

Writing a letter to myself is something I've wanted to do for a while, and although I had imagined myself writing one to my future self, I've ended up writing one to my past self. A letter to the person I was this time last year. I'll probably write one for me to read in the future one day too, but for now, here's a recap of how much I've changed in the past year... in the form of a letter.

12 January 2018

This year I've actually come up with some serious, 'proper' new year's resolutions. As in, I'm actually going to try and stick to them and make them easy to track. I set myself resolutions for the first time last year, but to be honest, they were kind of vague and I've forgotten what most of them were. But it's all changing this year... I'm actually going to try and I might even do a recap post at the end of the year!

12 December 2017

This post is for anyone who, like me, is still stressing out over what Christmas presents to buy. Last minute shopping can be so rushed and stressful so I've put together a gift guide featuring some of my favourite brands to maybe give you some ideas if you're struggling too! Oh, and there's a giveaway so I would click 'read more' if I were you...