17 Oct 2017

Travelling abroad can always be stressful; there's always that worry that you've forgotten to pack something or not checked the house properly before you've left. Don't get me wrong, I love going on holiday... there's just a lot to plan and think about beforehand! This is where travel checklists come in handy - a list of everything you need to do and pack before you leave the house. Here's my brief last-minute holiday checklist that covers everything from the basics to plane essentials to home and security!

10 Oct 2017

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for anything marble or generally 'Instagram worthy' so when I came across Coconut Lane's collection of marble cases I absolutely fell in love and knew I had to share them with you. Alongside Coconut Lane, is another one of my favourites: CaseApp. They do some of the most beautiful pre-designed and custom phone and laptop cases and in this week's post, you can enter a giveaway to be in with the chance of winning one for free!

3 Oct 2017

Recently I went to Llandudno in Wales with my family and friends for a day out together and also to celebrate since I just got my GCSE results. I wasn't planning on writing a post about the trip, but it was such a beautiful place and I took so many photos that I feel like they would go to waste if I didn't share them on the blog with all of you! Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day trip!