26 May 2015

10 simple life hacks

Sometimes, you only need to know one little trick to turn a 10 minute job into a 5 minute one. We all know though that there are just some life hacks that take 'too much effort'. Here's some simple life hacks to make life easier...

21 May 2015

20 questions tag ll Geek and Chic

Yes, that's right... we've got another collaborative post for you! This time we are pairing up with the lovely Chicca from Geek and Chic. We decided to do the 20 questions tag so be sure to go and read Chicca's answers to these questions and make sure you follow her blog while you're there!

5 May 2015

Things that make me happy on a bad day

We all have bad days and all you can think of at the time is how bad your situation is, but there is so much more to your day than that. I thought I would share with you 10 of the things that I am grateful for that make me happy on bad days.