25 Oct 2016

CaseApp Review & Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I mentioned in a life update post, that me and Lucy were working on an extremely exciting collaboration... well, you finally get to find out what that is! We've been working with a brand called 'CaseApp', who create custom skins and cases for phones and laptops. Keep on reading to find out more about their cases/skins (...and the giveaway...)!

18 Oct 2016

17 More Questions That Nobody Asks

Today's the day I've finally realised that blogging didn't end up just being a hobby that lasted two weeks, and that's because today is our 100th post on this blog... crazy huh?! Anyway, we of course wanted to post something you would love for this special occasion so here are 17 MORE questions that nobody asks.

11 Oct 2016

The Timeline: Is discrimination really a new age disease?

Hey everyone! Today's post is a guest post by Elise and it's all about discrimination. As soon as she suggested this post idea, me and Lucy were sold! Although we try to keep the blog quite positive, it's so important to bring awareness of more serious topics such as this! I hope you enjoy the post and remember to check out Elise on Twitter by clicking here.

4 Oct 2016

Sweet Sixteen

I turned 16 last week so I obviously had to share some photos with you! I'm not one for doing 'what i got for my birthday' posts, but I'll show you 2 of my presents from my best friends and you might spot a couple more in some other photos, but yeah... not all of them.